I am inspired by the belief that a great love story is timeless. My goal is to bring to life every small element of your wedding day in the most moving way. Ethereal, dreamy photographs of a bride stepping into her gown, the poetic movement of her dress, a secretly shed tear from the groom. The most fleeting moments of pure romance. Your great love story.

I strive to create dream-like quality photographs that are as transportive and moving for the decades to come, as the day it was captured. A photographic style that blends cinematic photojournalism with the seemingly effortless elegance of an editorial. Your wedding day will go by so fast, and when you sift through the photographs in the years and decades following your incredible celebration, you will always remember how it felt on your day.

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My name is Jacqueline. I am a boutique wedding photographer for the modern wild, romantics.

"When you sift through the photographs in the months and years following your incredible celebration, you will always remember how it felt on your day"

8. MY favourite way to spend a day off

a.  Valentine's Day
b.  Halloween
c.  Christmas
d.  New Years

7. my favorite holiday:

a.  laughter & sense of humor
b.  elevated client experience
c.  big, warm hugs
d.  all of the above

6. people know me by mY:

5. if you could eat one food for the rest of your life it would be:

a.  AGT "Golden Buzzer" videos on Youtube
b.  Ted Lasso
c.  The Bachelor/Bachelorette
d.  Sex and the City

4. most likely to binge watch

3. what is next on my bucketlist

a.  having my own dreamy apartment in Rome, Italy
b.  bungee jumping in a Costa Rican rainforest
c.  exploring the Swiss Alps
d. roadtripping along the California coastline

2. all-time favorite memory:

a.  an inspirational podcast
b.  a ride on my Peloton
c.  a perfect cup of coffee from my coffee bar
d.  all of the above

1. i start every morning with:

THE JJ quiz


sushi in Japan

authentic cacio e pepe

adventuring with my

loves, Braden & Chloe

It’s about the way you two hold your hands, how you know how to make her laugh, and how she likes her morning coffee.

These are the moments that have mattered to you the most. These are the genuine, authentic moments that have made you fall even more deeply in love, along your journey.

So much about your wedding day is special because it’s an intentional celebration of this connection. Your intimate, raw, wild love. Your love.

You are my inspiration.

I am deeply inspired by the cinematic world, with all its beautifully intentional framing, its delicate play with light and shadows and deep romantic hues. My photographic style is a blend of this cinematic storytelling with the timeless elegance of an editorial.

The best part of my style of photography is you get to be fully present. We shoot unobtrusively and this frees you to be completely you. To wrap up in each other naturally, soak in every real moment of your day, to have fun & to focus on the heart of it all. 

what moves me is     




my approach

Heartfelt, delicate, cinematic, atmospheric and timeless. I am looking for real and soulful moments but my aim is to also bring a sense of timeless beauty and a touch of ethereal romance. It’s more than just taking pictures it’s about observing human interactions and anticipating that little moment before it’s gone. It’s about those moments that are perfectly imperfect. I want to create dream-like quality images that makes you feel the emotion and like you’re there in the image.

You’re here because you’ve connected to something you’ve seen in my work and read in my words. I believe in marriage and have a deep respect for the responsibility I have towards you and your family. I value the relationships I build with our couples. You are MY COUPLE! When I show up on your wedding day, I want to be like an old friend.

So, I want to be involved in as much of your wedding planning process as you are interested in sharing with me. I'll share tons of tips and planning guides to help you through the process as well. Finally I will have several meetings with you to make sure you comfortable and prepared for the big day.

Your wedding isn’t about the decorations. Even if we all love pretty things.

It’s about the people you love, all in one place as you start a new journey with your mate. It’s about digging in to who you are, what your relationship is like and learning how you are celebrating that on your wedding day.

I care about people.

I know that the best wedding days can include everything from tears to belly laughs and perfect sunsets to raindrops, so I always come prepared. I also know that planning your wedding day can be stressful, so I want to be a resource for you as well. When the big day comes around you will be able to focus on having the time of your life, and experiencing every glorious second!

My goal is to find genuine, authentic, beautiful moments. I work hard to document the natural moments that happen on your day and create meaningful portraits that are emotive and honest.

I care about how you experience your wedding photographs. Not just in an online gallery, but decades from now, when that experience includes children and even grandchildren (gulp!). All of my collection include tangible, long-lasting goods that will stand the test of time. Archival, museum quality prints. Handmade, durable and beautiful albums.

Everything I offer to our couples is thoughtful and designed to age beautifully alongside your family.



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