Jacqueline James Photography is a boutique Toronto-based wedding photography service for the modern, wild romantics.

I photograph with an editorial, lifestyle & photojournalistic approach.
This means I will be capturing the story of your magical day as it unfolds, naturally and unobtrusively. I believe in wedding day storytelling as I feel it is the most genuine retelling of your day and will result in images you love for years to come. I never ask you to re-create moments. I never ask you to pretend to react a certain way. I throw an artistic flare into our portrait sessions together all while maintaining who you are as a couple.

Artistry that is extraordinarily timeless & deeply meaningful.

I promise to put my passion, heart and soul into creating an eternal legacy capturing your story and feelings in the most natural, incredible and unique way.

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The ability to capture fleeting moments – to stop time if only for a mere millisecond – feels like an incredible superpower. I have been so lucky to have traveled so much in my life. It was in a mere moment so many years ago, that I found photography – or perhaps it found me…

I was travelling – living in fact – in the heart of Rome, Italy, chasing this very same dream. My photography started out as a way for me to share my experiences with my loved ones back at home and across the world. It very quickly it grew into Espresso&Lace, which was nominated as one of the Best Arts & Culture Blogs in 2013 by Italy Magazine. It was here I shared my deep appreciation for the Italian culture and the modern and sophisticated life as a travel photographer and writer. From there, my photography business was born – I have never felt so fulfilled as I do behind the lens.

Through the years, it has been imagery that has kept me connected, grounded and reflective. A powerful image can be incredibly transcendent, taking you back instantly to that exact sound, that exact smell, that exact feeling. In our digital age, we often forget the intangible value to holding that printed photo between our fingertips. It is how we remember our loved ones, and how we want to be remembered.

My personality, work and life experiences and my love for photography all combine the one thing I believe is more valuable than just about anything: telling stories. My desire is to tell your story in the most authentic and meaningful way. I preserve all your precious moments, so you can cherish them for decades to come.

Braden Hendrickson Jacqueline James Photography Toronto Wedding Photographer


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Nikon D750
Nikon 24mm
Nikon 35mm
Nikon 50mm
Nikon 85mm
Nikon 105mm
Nikon Flash SB-700

ONA Presidio Camera Strap in Dark Truffle
Holdfast Water Buffalo Moneymaker in Burgundy Leather
ONA Capri Tote in Antique Cognac
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