Hello there, we’re Jacqueline & Braden

Together, we are a boutique wedding photography studio for the modern wild, romantics.

We are inspired by the belief that a great love story is timeless. Our goal is to bring to life every small element of your wedding day in the most moving way. Ethereal, dreamy photographs of a bride stepping into her gown, the poetic movement of her dress, a secretly shed tear from the groom. The most fleeting moments of pure romance. Your great love story.
photo by daring wanderer

Our artistic direction focuses on the real & heartful moments of your day, and blends it seamlessly with a sense of beauty and a touch of ethereal romance. We believe that our work is more than just taking pictures. It is about observing the deep connections between you and your closest family and friends, while also anticipating those sweetly fleeting, in-between moments before they are gone.

We strive to create dream-like quality photographs that are as transportive and moving for the decades to come, as the day it was captured. A photographic style that blends cinematic, photojournalism with the seemingly effortless elegance of an editorial. When you sift through the photographs in the months and years following your incredible celebration, you will always remember how it felt on your day.




My personality, work and life experiences and my love for photography all combine the one thing I believe is more valuable than just about anything: telling stories. My desire is to tell your story in the most authentic way. I preserve all of your incredible moments, so you can cherish them for decades to come.

I love the smell of coffee, and the first intoxicating sip of my morning espresso. It’s the best start to my day.

My favourite movie of all time is Almost Famous, with my favourite song being “Tiny Dancer” by Elton John. I feel so connected to the movie, and it makes my heart burst with happiness every time.

Stand up comedy is my absolute favorite!

I love going to concerts and festivals (hello, Bonnaroo!), and have a huge vinyl collection.

My dream is to see the world + capture cultures around the world with my camera.

I lived in the heart of Rome, Italy, chasing a beautiful dream. My photography started out as a way for me to share my experiences with my loved ones back at home and across the world. It very quickly it grew into Espresso&Lace, which was nominated as one of the Best Arts & Culture Blogs in 2013 by Italy Magazine. It was here I shared my deep appreciation for the Italian culture and the modern and sophisticated life as a travel photographer and writer. From there, my photography business was born – I have never felt so fulfilled as I do behind the lens.

I received a full scholarship to Temple University in Philadelphia, for tennis. Those were the glory days!

I believe deeply in following my heart because it has led me to meet so many incredible people and so many unbelievable experiences in my life. I passionately go after the things that inspire me + I hope to inspire others to do so as well. I feel blessed to be able to do what I love.

If I could only eat one thing for the rest of my life, it would be cacio e pepe freshly made from my favourite little secret restaurant tucked in the back skirts of Trastevere, Rome. Mmm…

French Fries makes a close second : )


Probably 80% of my wardrobe is t-shirts

I played 4 years of high school football for the Beaverbrae Broncos as a defensive back and we won all 4 championships in a row! I also had long rock star hair!

Hands down my favourite burger in the whole world is a Shake Shack burger.

I’m a small town boy, born and raised in the beautiful town of Kenora, Ontario. I have an older brother and sister and I’m an uncle to two nephews and a niece. I love them all so much + I try to visit home at least once a year.

I was drawn to photography when I saw how happy it made Jacqueline. I’ve watched her grow her business over the years and it’s been incredible. After so many years of being in front of the camera, it really felt natural to transition to behind the camera. We’ve also met so many fun people along our journey. I’m excited for whats in store for us!

I’m a craft beer enthusiast. Jacqueline and I love visiting Niagara-On-The-Lake regularly and we always make a stop at my favourite place – Oast!

I’ve been an international male model for over 10 years, and it has taken me around the globe: India, Milan, New York, Miami, London, and China.

I know this is a Vespa icon and not a motorcycle, but I have to mention my other love, my bike. Nothing beats the feeling of riding on my motorcycle and hitting the open road!

I seriously love cooking. I’m a master at making something out of what’s left in the fridge.