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5 Wedding Day Tips To Stay Connected

Wedding Tips

Your wedding day is finally here and you can’t wait to spend it with your new partner in life! Except, there are guests who want to say hi… and your wedding party wants to take photos… and vendors who need just one more question answered, and now where did my partner go? The whirlwind that is your dream wedding day can make it a challenge to actually enjoy it together. Here are 5 beautifully thoughtful wedding day tips to help you take time to connect with each other on your big day.

Photography: Jacqueline James Photography

The sweetest wake up call

Call each other when you wake up on the morning of your wedding. We know this might sound crazy, but it can be so relaxing to just hear the voice of the person you love and promise again to meet at the altar. A heartfelt card or letter exchange read privately just before you head out can also be a beautifully touching and loving way to calm any excited nerves and share your thoughts, hopes, and promises with each other.

Schedule in moments alone

Schedule time for just the two of you in between the ceremony and reception. This can be a busy time because of travel and photos, but you just got married! Spend just a few minutes alone, with no distractions, embrace and savour in the moment before you head back out. I promise you won’t regret it.

Consider a sweetheart table

While head tables and family tables can be tempting and trendy, a sweetheart table will allow you to have private moments together during the reception. A designated space for just the two of you allows you two to connect, share your thoughts, and have each other’s undivided attention and enjoy each others company instead of feeling like your hosting and having to feel “on” all the time.

Stay hand in hand

When you’re mingling with guests, do it together! Try not to separate throughout the night and stay hand in hand. The day goes by so fast and you will be pulled into a million directions trying to spend time with guests that it’s easy to lose each other. Make a point to stick together so that every memory from your night will have your partner by your side.

A romantic last dance

At the end of the night, when all of the guests are getting ready to leave or you are setting up for your grand exit, set aside 5 minutes for one last private dance. No guests, no pressure, just the two of you soaking in your happily ever after

Bonus wedding day tips! Sunset photos are not only the most flattering, romantic light, but it’s also the perfect time to take a short walk around the property and share your favourite moments from the day so far. There will be so many!

Whatever you decide to do, I recommend all of my couples to schedule in time for just the two of you. Prioritize each other’s presence and emotional connection amidst the wedding festivities. Find small moments throughout the day to reconnect and celebrate your love together. I promise if you follow these wedding day tips, it will be a core memory for your wedding day.

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Photography: Jacqueline James Photography

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