janyce + adrianguild inn estate day-after sessionscarborough, ontario

guild inn estate day-after session
day-after sessions are simply magical. i live for golden hour sunsets, but it is actually that elusive blue hour - mere minutes after golden hour - that seem to make every couple so full of longing - as the last ember of sunlight is just about to tuck away for the night. mother nature has been playful this summer, scattering rain showers across our beautiful city all[...]

wendy + danielcherry beach engagement sessiontoronto, ontario

cherry beach engagement session
wendy and daniel's beachside engagement shoot had all the right ingredients: a glowy golden sunset, beach sand in my shoes, wind for dramatic effect, a jaw-droppingly gorgeous vintage vw camper van (shoutout to long weekend bus), and the most honest organic chemistry from these two lovebirds. these are two people who would make you feel like you’ve been friends forev[...]