Some connections, much like love, are just instant and effortless. When I first met with Michelle and Martin, I think we all felt this instant kinship. Like we had known each other forever. Their warm, kind hearts and their beaming smiles fill every room they’re in with so much love and joy. For that reason, […]

Bride and Groom Golden Sunset Portraits at the Arlington Estate Wedding Venue in Vaughan Ontario Canada | Jacqueline James Photography, for modern wild romantics


I couldn’t wait to share with you Michelle and Martin’s downtown Toronto Cherry Beach engagement photos! In their first year at Western University, Michelle fatefully crossed paths with Martin and now they’re soon becoming husband and wife. This unforgettable day was a beautiful way to capture the love and excitement of a couple as they prepare […]

Toronto Beach Engagement Session Couple Walking along Cherry Beach Summer Sunset Romantic Embrace Lifeguard Dock Lake Ontario